George Swift Testimonial


George Swift, Technician for Jay Leno's Garage has this to say...

From George Swift, Technician at Jay Leno's Garage


(I have to post this extremely positive report in the raw since George is one that says it like it is and because of it he oversees one of the best car collections in the world for Jay Leno with great results using Archoil. David-CEO-Archoil)

To all who are willing to listen: I feel very fortunate to be included in testing and information about a product that has real results that I have experienced myself.

Having known the importance of lubrication of anything that interests me, I have made a study that has given me what I consider fact in my life as a mechanic.

Starting my life earning a living as a mechanic, after hearing the words "I'm pregnant", I had the fortunate choice of vehicles to specialize in. Volvos. Continue reading. You're not about to get bored.

Volvo owners made it easy for me to do my study of lubricants. They had typical driving styles. They bought their cars to last a long time, and depended on them to be safe, which included the need for them to be trouble free. I maintained a lot of them from new----ON.

In short, I thought that an oil for "Todays High Revving Engines" was the one for me, and I was doing the right thing for my customers. WRONG. This oil sludged up engines, created failures, and made my life as an "I will take care of it" mechanic, HELL.

I had to find something better. At the time I did. I loved the results I noted over the next two years, but I fell back on the old school of thought...Stick with the same thing.

The company I chose put their advertising campaign in high gear...Offering "High Mileage", 4X4, Racing, Old engine oils, etc...I thought "Can I buy this everywhere?" Probably not.

I have been a Chevron DELO fan ever since. (1982). Everything I own with a gasoline or Diesel engine is protected by this oil. I will NEVER change. Never say never. I hope I won't have to.
In comes the snake oil. Excuse the following: ALL BULLSHIT.

I have tried it all. If you understand me, George Swift, a guy that has had lifetime customers that never skipped a service on their car, many of which have achieved 250000 (two hundred and fifty thousand) PLUS miles from their' cars, and one at 1.1 MILLION miles and NEVER been apart, I have seen it all.

I am not a person with tons of money. I have to protect my investment... If my investment, be it my motorcycle, car or motor home, has to out perform every other like vehicle, or I am not happy. EVERYTHING comes down to lubrication for me because I avoid potholes, crashes and inferior lubricants. Simple as that.

Since I met Tim Stengenga, I have shared his passion for the technology that he in in the midst of. He has been very generous to share his "technologically advanced additives" with me to test on my current projects.
A lot has changed...The independent Volvo repair shop closed. Now I work at Jay Leno's Garage, and have the opportunity to see results over a wide range of vehicles. Most currently, Jay's (previously Howard Hughes') Doble E20 Steam car.

I am happy to say that I have seen, first hand, INCREDIBLE results by simply adding a steam oil modifier that Tim provided. Because the engine had a couple unrelated failures and needed to be torn down a couple of times, evidence, huge evidence of superior lubrication qualities were seen.

You will just have to trust me here because my typing skills lack immensely. I do everything but covet this product, and am a true believer in the spectacular and unbelievable results. If you are a skeptic like me, try to prove me wrong. I am not a chemist. I am not an engineer. I am a mechanic that can hear an engine miss miles away and would rather it didn't. And when it misses, will the oil forgive?

Run smooth, free, long and cool. I'm happy. More later...


George Swift is a Technician at Jay Leno's Garage. He Studied Small family survival studies at You See La. He currently lives in Shadow Hills, California.


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