AR 9100 Product Data Sheet

AR9100 Potassium Nanoborate Friction Modifier and System Cleaner

Archoil 9100 Stiction Eliminator

$39.90 (16oz)
Single Power Stroke Treatment

AR9100's patented Potassium Nanoborate Friction Modifier and System Cleaner incorporates 4 complex organic esters that are formulated to dissolve and remove varnish, carbon and other deposits from the oil wetted surfaces of the engine. The esters also serve to facilitate the migration of the protective boron nanoparticles to the engine's metal surfaces where they form a solid boundary film that significantly reduces operating friction, protects equipment from wear, extends operating life and reduces energy requirements. By first cleaning the engine through its fluid system and then reducing surface friction, AR9100 is able to both restore and preserve engine performance in a number of important ways.

In Ford Power Stroke 6.0L and 7.3L trucks, AR9100 cleans and lubricates the HEUI injectors. Stiction is eliminated and cold start problems including rough idling, cylinder misfires, and loss of acceleration are corrected.


  • Cleans out pre-existing carbon, sludge and varnish build up
    • - Reduces emissions
    • - Reduces operating energy requirements (improved fuel efficiency)
  • Inhibits surface corrosion
  • Significantly reduces surface friction (surface friction coefficient test - 0.037)
    • - Reduces wear (extends equipment life)
    • - Reduces noise and vibration
  • Minimizes fluid oxidation (may extend the oil drain cycle)
  • Restores compression and torque
  • Extreme pressure agent (falex test failure at 4,000lbs)
  • Readily biodegradable (85% degradable in 28 days) and non-toxic
  • Eliminates HEUI injector stiction (FORD POWERSTROKE and others) due to varnish and carbon
Archoil 9100 Nanotechnology Stiction Eliminator

Boron lubrication technology was initially developed at the Argonne National Laboratory for the US Dept. of Energy. Representing a ground-breaking advance in lubrication technology, boron was demonstrated to greatly enhance lubricity and protection through the formation of a nearly frictionless solid boundary layer. However initial efforts to commercialize boron lubricants were hampered by large boric acid particle sizes.

Archoil's revolutionary new potassium nanoborate formulation represents the second generation in boron tribology and another huge leap forward in lubrication with its unique ability to reduce boron size down to the more efficient 'nano' level and deliver it in a naturally occurring fatty acid ester matrix carrier.

Color Brown liquid
Base Fluid Fatty acid ester
Viscosity 150 SUS at 100OF
Specific Gravity 1,000 at 25OC
Nano variants Nanoborate
(proprietary processing)
D.O.T. Unregulated
V.O.C. None
Biodegradable Yes
Falex Pin & Vee Test ASTM D-3233
(3.5% in 100 neutral mineral oil):
Load 3750
Torque 47
COF 0.037


For engine oil treat at a ratio of 28.5:1
(16oz of AR9100 treats 15 quarts of engine oil)

For transmission oil treat at a ratio of 10:1

For hydraulic oil treat at a ratio of 10:1

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