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Archoil Fuel AR9100 and sample



AR9100 - 16oz.





16 oz. treats 15 quarts of oil


FREE AR6200 Fuel Modification

Complex sample which treats

40 gallons of fuel with order



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AR9100 contains a blend of organic complex esters that safely and rapidly clean the engine, removing all deposits such as sludge, gum and varnish.  Piston ring deposits are removed and engine compression restored.   A patented nanoborate protects all moving parts, reducing friction down to a coefficient of friction (COF) of 0.037 eliminating any further deposit build-up.  


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Ford Powerstroke Cold Start Stiction Issue - Before and After Archoil AR9100 Friction Modifier And Fluid System Cleaner



----> Read more about injector stiction problems <----


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Note: You can use our Powerstroke Kits in 6.0, 6.4 & 7.3 engines


Archoil Featured & Reviewed At Jay Leno's Garage!



Harry Johnson, Mercedes Benz technician has this to say...

"I sent out some of the samples to 3 of the guys out there without telling them about each others receiving samples from me"


One member (IdahoF350), I sent him the extra sample of the AR9100 as well as some AR6200. The results are amazing, and some other members have ordered and tried your AR9100 for injector stiction issues and so far it has worked. This is big news for the 6.0 Powerstroke crowd, and I am sure the positive repercussions will be flowing into other forums as well. Your stuff WORKS, and it works very very well. So glad I contacted you guy's. Thank You for your time.
- Harry Johnson, Master certified diagnostic technician for Mercedes Benz U.S.A

George Swift, Technician For Jay Leno's Garage Says...

"You will just have to trust me here because my typing skills lack immensely. I do everything but covet this product, and am a true believer in the spectacular and unbelievable results"


If you are a skeptic like me, try to prove me wrong. I am not a chemist. I am not an engineer. I am a mechanic that can hear an engine miss miles away and would rather it didn't. And when it misses, will the oil forgive? …Read more.
Run smooth, free, long and cool. I'm happy. More later...

- George Swift, Technician at Jay Leno's Garage


Customer, Todd Smith, Loves It!

"I am so happy that I fell upon your product. I was a few mouse clicks away from injectors for my 04, 6.0 ford. I ordered with skepticism but was amazed"


With 215K, I figured this was a lost cause. Had cold starts and smoke for the last 80K. I changed the oil and filter, added your product, started the engine, and idled for no more than ten minutes and shut er down. The next morning, holy crap! All 8 were firing, and no smoke. I'm at 400 miles now and still amazed that it runs so well.
- Loyal Customer, Todd Smith


Jon Says Archoil increased his fuel mileage by 2.6 MPG!

"Thought I would take time to let you know how pleased I am with your AR9100 & AR6200."

"My Ford 6.0 not only increased my fuel mileage by 2.6 MPG but it also took a lot of the morning crack out of my starts in cold weather.I will be purchasing more. You now have a full time customer..."
- Jon Lorensen - Elk Grove California


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Eliminate HEUI injector stiction caused by varnish and carbon

Reduce surface friction up to 80%

Reduce the energy required to operate your vehicle

Reduce fluid system wear by up to 75%

Minimize fluid oxidation

Extend the oil drain cycle

Reduce operating temperatures by up to 40%

Inhibit Corrosion

Provide an Extreme Pressure Agent –absorb shock loads of up to 4000 lbs!

Clean out build up from pre-existing carbon, sludge and varnish

Reduce emissions
Reduce noise and vibration
Increase Horsepower
Dramatically reduce regen cycles

Cylinder Number 7 Value Data
05 f-350, 265MI, Injectors Replaced At 150,000 -Half the cylinders suffering from stiction

After AR9100 Friction Modifier added following
15° weather.

All cylinders operational.

Cylinders and Archoil


Diesel Power says: “ARCHOIL is the real deal” – May 2014

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Many compare us to Rev-X and Hot Shot Secret,
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